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Uses of OrientableSurface in org.gvsig.fmap.geom.primitive

Subinterfaces of OrientableSurface in org.gvsig.fmap.geom.primitive
 interface Circle
           This interface is equivalent to the GM_Circle specified in
 interface CompositeSurface
 interface Ellipse
           An ellipse is the finite or bounded case of a conic section, the geometric shape that results from cutting a circular conical or cylindrical surface with an oblique plane (the other two cases being the parabola and the hyperbola).
 interface EllipticArc
 interface Surface
           This interface is equivalent to the GM_Surface specified in
Uses of OrientableSurface in org.gvsig.fmap.geom.primitive.impl

Classes in org.gvsig.fmap.geom.primitive.impl that implement OrientableSurface
 class Circle2D
          DOCUMENT ME!
 class Circle2DZ
 class Ellipse2D
          DOCUMENT ME!
 class Ellipse2DZ
 class EllipticArc2D
          DOCUMENT ME!
 class EllipticArc2DZ
 class OrientableSurface2D
 class Surface2D
          Pol�gono 2D.
 class Surface2DZ
          Polilinea 3D.

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