libFMap_dal 2.0-SNAPSHOT API

org.gvsig.fmap.dal Provides DAL's top level abstraction API.
org.gvsig.fmap.dal.exception Provides DAL's top level exceptions.
org.gvsig.fmap.dal.feature Provides API for accessing and managing tabular (Feature based) data.
org.gvsig.fmap.dal.feature.exception Provides DAL's feature level exceptions.
org.gvsig.fmap.dal.feature.operation Provides API for feature operations.
org.gvsig.fmap.dal.feature.paging Utilities to perform paged loading of Features from a FeatureSet
org.gvsig.fmap.dal.feature.rule Provides API for feature rules.
org.gvsig.fmap.dal.raster Provides API for accessing and managing raster data.
org.gvsig.fmap.dal.resource Provides API for system resource management.
org.gvsig.fmap.dal.resource.exception Provides DAL's resource level exceptions.  


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