Package org.gvsig.fmap.dal.feature

Provides API for accessing and managing tabular (Feature based) data.


Interface Summary
EditableFeature This interface represents a Feature in editable state.
EditableFeatureAttributeDescriptor This interface represents a FeatureAttributeDescriptor in editable state.
EditableFeatureType This interface represents a FeatureType in editable state.
Feature Represents the basic data unit of a tabular structure, equivalent to a record in a data base table.
FeatureAttributeDescriptor A feature attribute descriptor contains information about one of the attributes in a feature, such as its name, data type or precision.
FeatureCache This class represents a vectorial cache that is used to save and retrieve FeatureSets.
FeatureIndex This interface represents a local index on feature based data.
FeatureIndexes This interface gives access to a store's local indexes and also provides a delegated method for obtaining a resulting FeatureSet using the appropriate index given an Evaluator.
FeatureLocks Manages locks of Features.
FeatureQuery Defines the properties of a collection of Features, as a result of a query through a FeatureStore.
FeatureReference A FeatureReference is a lightweight unique identifier for a Feature.
FeatureReferenceSelection Interface to manage selection of objects from an undetermined set.
FeatureRule Represents a Feature validation rule.
FeatureRules This is a container for FeatureRules.
FeatureSelection Manages a selection of Features.
FeatureSet A FeatureSet represents a set of Feature(s).
FeatureStore A FeatureStore is a type of store whose data consists on sets of Feature(s).
FeatureStoreTransform A FeatureStoreTransform provides a mechanism for mapping a source FeatureType to a target FeatureType, allowing to build different views (as in database view) over different feature types even from different stores.
FeatureStoreTransforms This interface represents a container for store transforms.
FeatureType This interface provides all the information that describes the structure of a type of feature, methods for managing it and also offers a variety of utility methods for simplicity's sake.

Class Summary
AbstractFeatureRule Abstract feature rule intended for giving a partial default implementation of the FeatureRule interface to other rule implementations.
AbstractFeatureStoreTransform Abstract feature store transform intended for giving a partial default implementation of the FeatureStoreTransform interface to other transform implementations.

Package org.gvsig.fmap.dal.feature Description

Provides API for accessing and managing tabular (Feature based) data.

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