Package org.gvsig.fmap.geom

Interface Summary
DataTypes This interface defines a set of constants for all data types supported by the DAL.
DirectPosition DirectPosition object data types hold the coordinates for a position within some coordinate reference system.
Geometry This interface is equivalent to the GM_Object specified in Geometry.DIMENSIONS  
Geometry.SUBTYPES The subtype of a geometry is related with the dimension of the geometry, that is a combination between the spatial dimension (2D, 2ZD, 3D) and the M coordinate or "measure".
Geometry.TYPES Predefined geometry types in the model.
GeometryManager This singleton provides a centralized access to gvSIG's Geometry Model.

Class Summary
GeometryLibrary Registers the default implementation for GeometryManager.
GeometryLocator This Locator provides the entry point for the gvSIG GeometryManager.

Exception Summary
GeometryException Parent exception for the geometry library.

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